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Frequently Asked Questions - BerewZanko

What are we usually asked about

Do you offer after-sale support?

Yes, I provide lifetime support through my support forums, the comments section of the theme, facebook, email and twitter.

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Will your theme work with the latest version of WordPress?

Yes, it works with the latest WordPress version and it is also backward compatible down to WP 3.4.

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Is the theme translation ready?

Yes, the theme is localized and ready for translation.

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Is there any documentation of the theme?

Of course. The theme has extensive documentation and video tutorials. You can find the help files inside the archive you’ve downloaded. In the “Documentation” folder open the “index” file.

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Is the theme widget ready?

Yes, the theme has widget ready sidebars. There are also some custom widgets included.

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Is your theme SEO Optimized?

Yes, the theme is SEO optimized and it follows the latest trends in onsite optimization. Search Engine Optimization has been made a priority when designing the theme.

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Can I easily upload my own Logo?

Yes, you can easily upload your logo through the options panel and then simply adjust it’s margins and you’re done.

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Are PSDs (layered Photoshop files) included?

Yes, the .psd source for the homepage is included. Depending of the theme some other pages too.

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Is your theme cross-browser compatible?

Absolutely. I guarantee perfect compatibility on most browser and even old ones down to IE7.

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Can I change the theme Colors?

Absolutely. You can color-pick the theme’s color from the options panel.

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